A different experience – forró in the Finnish nature! – August 14-16, 2015



Moss, Forest, Fire, Lake, Light, Sauna – Dancing Outdoor – Live Music – Forró – Surprises!
Forró continues to spread, and here’s a new festival with a slightly different and more intimate concept. Forró Forlove will take place in the middle of the forest beside a beautiful lake, and with only 50 people or so, in a huge wooden house created as a retreat space. As they take care of food (gourmet organic food!!) and accommodation, you can focus on the most important: enjoying friends and dancing.

As everyone lives in the same building for the whole weekend, you can dance as much as possible and really get to know the other forrozeiros. The festival program includes live concerts, dance classes, dancing outside, swimming in the lake and going to the sauna.
The classes will also be different: the Dance Journey is designed in a coherent flow, led by 5 teachers using combined techniques. There will be only one class at a time, with a sequence and logic to it.

When? August 14-16
Where? Merkniementie 94, Karjalohja 09120, Lohja, Finland. The organisers will coordinate lifts by car, and there are also buses from Helsinki.
How? Tickets include accommodation, food and all events/classes. You can book your tickets now on forroshop.com.

Find more info on their website.

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