Munich Festival | May 1-3



“Forró im Mai” – 4 days of Forró in Munich
The Munich festival is smaller than many others, and therefore has a more intimate feel. On the other hand, the tickets are limited, so don’t miss your chance!

  • Numerous workshops with renowned Forró instructors
  • Parties, live music, open-air forró, sunday day time event and much more
  • Dinner: you can book for 10€ our extra special “Bavarian Dinner”! We are planning a group dinner in a Bavarian restaurant. Take the opportunity to get to know the teachers, fellow dancers and the Munique Danca Forró team over a cold beer and great traditional food. There will be enough time between the end of the workshops and dinner to take a shower. The concert location will be easy to reach.  More details will be published soon.
  • Early bird offer until 31.03.2015

Coming soon  – more info :


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