Forró etiquette


forro casalForró dancefloors are often crowded and hot, so some very basic rules help make it a sociable place. Also, partners are usually in close contact – some teachers even explain that the correct posture is when the partners are connected across 7 key touchpoints. I can’t remember what they are, but starting at the top it must be something like 1) forehead, 2) clasped hands, 3) follower holding the leader’s neck, 4) leader holding the follower in the back, 5) chest, 6) hips, 7) interlocked knees.

This leads to a few immediate consequences…

Ai que calor!!!

Yes… things quickly get hot and sweaty! Therefore it is advisable to wear light, breathable clothing – a perfect excuse to get your summer gear out even if it’s not really that kind of season 😉 Some people bring a change of clothes – you will see many guys change t-shirts after an hour or so at the party, or even have a little towel to dry themselves after a particularly quick and intense song.

What is that smell?!

No need to point out that with such close contact, it’s better to wear deodorant, some (light) perfume and not eat garlic bread for dinner…

No heels please

First of all it’s not practical for this style of dance, and secondly you risk stepping one someone’s foot on that crowded dancefloor. Here are some suggestions on what shoes to wear.

Last but not least – respect and friendliness

7 touchpoints, yes… but always respecting your partner’s personal space. It’a obviously hard to describe, but if you make the other dancer feel uncomfortable, they will avoid dancing with you in the future. This goes both ways – if you feel uncomfortable dancing with someone, you should by all means feel free to refuse a dance.
And finally… grab that shy beginner who just started today, and show them why forró is awesome! It’s not about becoming an expert and dancing with your circle… it’s about sharing the forró love 🙂


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