Forró in Japan!


nosso-forroWe knew about forró in Brazil and in Europe, but turns out the forró community is also very strong in… Japan! That is because there are many Brazilian immigrants in Japan, who may or may not have Japanese roots, and they have brought the Brazilian rhythms back to Japan with them.

The community is the strongest around the area of Nagoya, where many of them settled, but there is also some forró in Tokyo. One of the groups that also organises parties is Nosso Forro, where Sergio and Larissa teach pé descalço style, they are based south of Nagoya. There is lso Forro Bem Juntinhos in Tokyo (but to read this you will need google translate 😛 ). You may want to contact them to get more info on where to find forró in Japan, they will be delighted!


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