How do they dance it in Brazil?


All this information on forró in Europe… but how do they dance it in Brazil? Well, it’s pretty much the same, but those lucky guys usually have nicer weather and can dance outdoors 🙂
They also get to enjoy the best live bands, and sing along because they know the songs by heart! Forró in BRazil is as much about the music as it is about the dance.

Here’s a few videos from “normal” parties in Brazil.

TIPS Like this song? It’s by Marinês – Mutirão de Pedreira – you can find it on our soundcloud playlist here. Want the same shoes as Rafaela in the video? Check out – they are the only European store shipping the simple, comfy Moleca shoes from Brazil.


TIPS Like these songs? In this video, they play Lamento Nordestino (link) and Petro Forró (link).


TIPS Want to dance on the beach like these guys? This is in Itaunas, the yearly forró festival in Brazil, where thousands of forrozeiros gather each year to listen to live music, and dance up to 24h a day for 10 days! Check our continuously updated list of festivals for more info.


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